Thanks for all your help. I found these group sessions invaluable in my job search and the opportunity to network with experts and make new friends kept my morale high during a difficult time. All of the sessions were interesting as well as entertaining. I am back in work now and still think of you.Kevin Thiele
The overriding value of Springboard to me was the feeling of self-worth that you & the other participants instilled in me every week. I am sure this shone through during my interviews. I don’t believe I would have performed as well or received job offers as quickly without your programme content, networking encouragement and the group engagement environment that you facilitated every week.Liz Davis
…a light bulb moment with the sessions on Identifying Your Skill Set and what was needed to construct our cv’s and online profiles etc. It was only after I attended these sessions that my TMAY started to resemble something worthwhile.Liz Davis
…my knowledge of recruitment agencies / job sites was woefully inadequate when I began my job search and it took a while for me to become visible externally on the appropriate sites. I found some sites / agencies to be particularly proactive for me, others not so …wondered if you could compile a list (feedback) from the participants their top 3 / 4 recommendations for future CS members.Liz Davis
The positive atmosphere at Springboard really was a breath of fresh air, kudos to the volunteers for keeping things so upbeat. Thanks to Jim for reviewing my CV; and to Paul for reviewing my linkedIn profile — my hit rate has doubled since I reworked my profile in light of your comments. I should have linked to you ages ago.DW
Springboard who made me aware of who I am gave me confidence in portraying myself. Love it or hate it but TMAY works. You may or may not use it but knowing who you are and what you’ve done works.Peter Maggs