About us – Helping You to Open Doors

Since 2006 we have been successfully helping people back into work.  We hold meetings covering a range of topics relevant to helping you find that next job.  Our volunteers have a wide range of experience from different industry sectors at senior levels and as consultants.  Programme topics are chosen for their relevance to help you find your next job effectively and efficiently.


But we don’t do all the work – Springboard is firmly based in self and mutual-help and we expect members to become fully involved in activities and to network with fellow members supporting their search and sharing in and applauding their success.

A little background….

Careers Springboard Bracknell is part of a network of Executive Job Clubs in the Thames Valley area and you are welcome to attend any of the other meetings at Slough, Gerrards Cross and Newbury.  Please look at their websites for details of topics and meeting days and times.  Whilst we share a philosophy, each group has its own identity and we share best practice and innovative thinking.  As a registered charity, we are financed individually and jointly by local parish councils and authorities which allows us to offer a range of services to help you.  All we ask of you is a packet of biscuits or two (preferably chocolate) when you get that job (and you will!).

Our services

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We can help you with:

    • Getting your c.v. in the best shape
    • Interview and interview preparation
    • Alternative interview tools
    • Using the Internet and Social Media in your job search
    • Rebuilding your confidence
    • Identifying your skills
    • Networking both formally and informally
    • Selling yourself
  • Reviewing your career options